Let’s Create Lasting Wealth

To Prospective Partners: We are actively seeking dynamic and driven individuals to collaborate on various projects and joint ventures. Our approach involves creating dynamic equity splits and profit-sharing models that actively involve all stakeholders and are commensurate with your contributions. We require individuals with a strong work ethic, unwavering integrity, and a distinguished track record in their respective industries. If you fit these criteria, we invite you to connect with us.
Joint Ventures

About the Founder

In 2014, Jason Weber established Wiseflow™ Ventures, a platform from which he has successfully cultivated several profitable enterprises and brands, some of which evolved into independent entities, while others are retained within the Wiseflow™ Ventures portfolio or sold to discerning buyers. In the Silicon Valley tech climate of that time, entrepreneurs and startups often pursued a relentless cycle of seeking perpetual venture funding, prioritizing investment rounds over profitability. Jason’s approach diverged significantly from this norm. When he established Wiseflow™ Ventures, his focus centered around building products & services that generate profits – before anything else – by adding real value to marketplaces & economies, and solving painful problems that customers are more than happy to pay for. Developing a fellowship with his partners & clients as well as building businesses that generate wealth for all stakeholders is what Jason truly values the most and what makes it all worthwhile.

Before Wiseflow™ Ventures, Jason worked in various Fortune Global tech companies, including Amazon, Hewlett Packard, and Intel Corporation, in roles spanning applied research, engineering, quality assurance, and product development. He is the inventor of thirteen filed patents (four issued) in the digital products space and possesses experience in training and evaluating high-profile Machine Learning technologies. Jason holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University with continued studies in business coursework at Stanford University.